CHAD Stickers

The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Athens is working with the O'Bleness Birth Center to help promote this new children's public safety program. CHAD Stickers (Children Have An IDentity) include the child's name, date of birth, address, parents names, emergency contact, medical history and special needs. The stickers go on the child's car seat and ensure rapid identification of the child in case of a car accident or other emergency.

The CHAD Program was created after a car accident involving a 1-year-old boy in Illinois. The babysitter who was driving the car was killed. The child, named Chad, was rushed to a local hospital, but did not have any identification. Luckily, a hospital employee knew the boy and the hospital was able to quickly notify the parents.

If you would like a CHAD sticker for yourself or a friend, please contact us. The stickers are free!