The idea to establish a scholarship was openly made during the 1986-1987 Kiwanis Year.  A trust document was prepared by attorney Thomas Hodson of the firm Eslocker, Grim, Hodson, and Dioguardi.  

“The Downtown Athens Kiwanis Scholarship Trust Fund” was signed on October 3, 1989 “for the purpose of promoting the education, welfare, and happiness and development of the children of Athens County.”  

The scholarship is paid directly to graduating seniors from public schools in Athens County with a Kiwanis program.  Student applicants do not need to be a member of the Kiwanis program.  It is awarded based on being a well-rounded student with a grade-point-average of “B” or better, and an active member of the high school community.  Need is considered, but is not the only qualifier.  Sons or daughters of members of the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Athens are ineligible.  

The scholarship award is made in the form of reimbursement for expenses for instructional materials, books, laboratory manuals, and apparatus. The individual may attend any fully accredited college, university or post-high school advanced program in the US.

Originally, the scholarship was intended to be renewable up to a four year maximum, but this has not been in practice (except the first recipient was renewed once.)

Kristen Schumacher received the first award in May 1990. Since 2008 two students have been selected each year.  

Students apply in the spring through the guidance counselors at Athens High School.

Many thanks to the Peoples Bancorp Foundation for supporting our Scholarship Trust with a five year commitment of $5000!!