OFFICERS for 2013- 2014

President Mike Prudich

Mike Prudich is looking forward to an exciting year as President!

Treasurer Mike Wootton

Mike has taken several turns as treasurer and has been a long time member of our group. When he's not making deposits you can find him sealing teeth for young children all over this part of Ohio (he's a retired dentist), biking on the Hockhocking Bikeway, playing baritone in the OU Summer Band, or working on his vintage Mustang.

Secretary Howard Dewald

Howard has been a member of our group for 25 years. When he finishes with the paperwork for Kiwanis, he can be found teaching in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He is also the Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Planning at Ohio University.

Wendy Merb-Brown - Board Member ('13-'15)

Wendy is most often seen around Ohio University’s campus working with new students and doing budget work.  She subscribes to the mentality that one must be more than a member when involved, so she serves in several leadership capacities in her church, her neighborhood association, and serves on the board of our group.  Her friends say she has social ADD in that she is always running into people she knows in Athens!

Sky Pettey - Board Member ('14-'16)

Sky grew up in Athens and attended the Athens City Schools.  He is a graduate of Oberlin College and The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. He lives in Athens with his wife and two daughters and works as an attorney with the law firm of Lavelle and Associates.

Jared Butcher - Board Member ('13-'15)

I was born at a very young age, first in the genealogy to be born in a hospital (no longer exists), first child in the genealogy to live in an apartment (no longer exists); graduated from Athens High School (in Athens, West Virginia, no relation--Athens High School no longer exists); graduated from Concord College (no longer exists); PhD at UT Knoxville; post-doc Columbia University in New York City; employed at OU dispensing organic chemistry until they ran out of quarters.
Hey, if they tear down Clippinger, where I held forth 32 yr, my record of destruction will remain intact.

John Deno - Board Member ('14-'16)

John came to Athens to attend OU in 1966, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology in 1969 and completing his masters in 1971. While working on his master’s degree he began teaching at Athens High School in 1970. While teaching at the high school he formed the varsity wrestling program. Athens High School honored him by naming their Invitational Wrestling Tournament “The John Deno Classic”. In 1985, he joined the faculty at OU in the Department of Industrial Technology, recently renamed the Department of Engineering Technology and Management. He completed his Ph.D. at the Ohio State University in 1991.

After becoming a Kiwanis member in 1994, he created the Kiwanis Youth Wrestling Tournament which was held for about 10 years. John served as President in 1998-99. If he isn’t at the weekly Kiwanis meeting, he is probably fishing on Lake Erie.


Evelyn Houk

During the early years, it was my pleasure to be a helper for my husband Cliff with his Kiwanis Club activities. I always enjoyed having the High School Key Club members in our home. Cliff was the advisor of the club. Then women were allowed to join Kiwanis. I am now a 27 year member of Kiwanis. It is a joy to serve children and the community. I grew up on a farm with a sister and brother older tham me. My sister was a fine pianist and taught me. My brother played the trombone in the high school band. After he graduated from high school, I played his horn. I am still playing my trombone in the Ohio University Summer Band and the Low Brass Ensemble at church. A recent highlight in my life happened a year ago when I was chosen Honorary Alumni for Ohio University.

Cliff Houk

As a 50+ year member, I have experienced many Kiwanis moments: charter advisor of Troy High School's key Club (1958);  during '74-'75, I chartered Athens High School Key Club, rechartered the OU Circle K Club, and chartered the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Athens; Distinguished Lt. Governor ('88-'89) after which this club made me a Life Member.

I've attended many, many International and District Conventions. The '74 International Convention in Denver...campsite was called Shady Meadows...there was only one tree in acres of asphalt!! Also seeing the look on a wino's face as he sat leaning against a building with the bootle in a brown bag on Sunday morning, as we turned onto his one way street going the wrong way! Marc was 8 and he had a tough time trying to stop laughing!!

I was a football manager for a total of seven years - at Troy High School ('47-'51) and at OU ('51-'54). I experienced an "altitude" adjustment in 8th grade that taught me not to duel with wood chisels in shop class. 

I have had a 3 tooth partial plate since I was 10 years old...jumped into wire clothes line that I didn't see!